Let’s put my life together :)

I am sure that we will know each other better soon, but for now let’s talk about why we are here.

Long story short: 2 month ago I moved to Germany with my boyfriend. Dreamlife without parents, but with the love of my life in one of the best countries in Europe is mine. That what I expected. The reality: everything suck. I am 17 and just entering the “grown up” world, so as an ambitious girl, why don’t I do it excellently?

My Pinterest fyp, 1.05.2022

I don’t want to be an average. I will use my potential and end up being happy with my life.

The purpose of this blog is to help me know who am I and what I want to do with my life. I obviously don’t want things to go on as they are now, so it is time for changes. Anyway, I would really love to keep some memories about the previous period of my life, that ended so unexpectedly, so here will be some stories about my past. It won’t be boring, I promise (I did was a drama quinn in my school).

You should definitely stay with me if you like those: Harry Styles and One Direction, Pinterest aesthetics, the USA and Bali, “Outer Banks”,” Inventing Anna” and “The Vampire Diaries”, little DIY things and crocheting, baking and decorating cakes, reading books, making stan instagram photos, being that “beautiful and smart, kind and bitchy”, art, stylish clothes, growing plants and playing twister.

Follow me, if you want to see my little steps to success!

With Love, Ria <3




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